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(Frequently Asked Questions)


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Tail Color Options

FAQ 1 - What options do I have when ordering?

If you want a different colored tail, it will be an additional $1 charge per Easy CoinUp. If you want a custom overlay that replaces the U.S. quarter, please send us an email for a quote.

FAQ 2 - How did you come up with this idea?

As an avid collector of arcade games, I deal with the same issues other collectors do. A lot of machines skip the idle mode graphics when in free play mode, and I don't like that because it takes away from the true arcade experience. One day I was trying to figure out how to put a coin up button on a vintage machine that I did not want to drill into, and the prototype for the Easy CoinUp was born. After being asked a hundred times by other collectors where I got it, I decided to produce them for sale.

FAQ 3 - Why does this website look like it was made in the 80s?

I wish I could claim that it's because I wanted to match the style of the greatest decade ever, but the simple truth is... It's because it's been about that long since I made a web page, and this is the height of my skills, lol. Basic HTML. Woo.

FAQ 4 - How do I install these once I get them?

See the Home / Installation Instructions Page, it has helpful information on how to install, as well as tips & tricks to get the most out of an Easy CoinUp.