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It Just Makes Sense!

Oh, you've seen them before... A switch dangling on a wire hanging out of a coin door slot. As arcade and pinball enthusiasts, we know what it's for. You push it, and it adds a credit, as though you've just inserted a coin. Or maybe someone's drilled a permanent hole into the coin door or cabinet itself to credit it up... Well, most people don't understand this. They just want to play.

And many games have a Free Play option, and that's great. But sometimes the game's Free Play mode sucks.

As in, all it does is just sit there, stating "Press 1 or 2 player." No attract mode, no game noises, nothing to draw a person in. Passers-by have no idea what the game looks like, or how it plays.

Easy CoinUp is the perfect solution for situations like this! Easy CoinUp eliminates the confusion of a nondescript switch. It's a pushbutton switch that's also visually a quarter. It's obvious what it does! It adds a quarter to the game! And it's very simple to install, with no permanent damage to the game, save the fact that some adhesive will be added to the metal coin door.

Installation Instructions (Quick N' Easy Version)

Peel off backing liner & apply the E.C.U. in whichever location you desire. Wrap the "tail" around the coin door, pressing down as you go to make the adhesive stick. (BTW, this is super-industrial 3M 300LSE grade adhesive - be careful, once it's stuck, it's stuck!)

Then peel backing liner off and apply the "Quarter" overlay onto the front of the switch. Then solder* 2 wires from the soldering points of the tail to the machine's coin switch. The E.C.U. is a simple membrane SPST switch. Your machine needs to only be seeking a single circuit to close for it to function properly. (Most arcade and pinball machines are wired this way.)

After soldering it all up, wrap a piece of electrical tape around the connection to the pins of the E.C.U. so that they do not touch any grounded metal surfaces, or another circuit.

Tips N' Tricks

  • Clean the area where the E.C.U. will be installed thoroughly. Rubbing alcohol is a good finishing chemical to clear unwanted residue, and it evaporates quickly.
  • Mount the E.C.U. where it will be easily seen or looked for. Usually near the "Insert Coin" slots.
  • Don't mount in an area on the coin door that has a lot of friction. You can see where friction might be by inspecting the coin door for rubbed off paint/scratches if it has problems like this. If the conductive circuit in the tail gets worn away, guess what? It will stop working.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. Children are the tornadoes and hurricanes of the human world. They will try to swallow these. They will try to peel these off your games. You know this already, if you have them.


 * This should be done by a person that is quite familiar with electronics. If you do not feel comfortable soldering, or wiring this to your coin door, you should hold off until you find help.