P R I N T  
The Event Solutions 2004 Media Kit/Artistic Direction

A look I've recently become so fond of, that I changed my website to match! We opted for a fun, 50's-era "Space Age" futuristic look for the 2004 Event Solutions Expo in Washington, D.C. I was responsible for the concept and layout.
The Event Solutions 2004 Prospectus

Another similar piece. This is the Prospectus for the 2004 Expo in Washington, D.C. I was responsible for concept and layout.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Building Online Business House Ad

Full page ad for BOB (Building Online Business) magazine. All graphics except the computer were created from scratch. Responsible for graphics and layout.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Embroidery Business News Ad

Full page ad for Embroidery Business New's "eNews" website. Graphics created using Dimensions, Illustrator and Photoshop. Responsible for graphics and layout.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Sterling Acrylics Ad

Full page ad for Sterling Acrylics/Southwest Supply. (Ran in Looking Fit magazine) Stock photo mixed in with some Photoshop work. Layout was also my doing.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Building Online Business House Ad

First page of a 2-page right-hand-side ad campaign for BOB magazine. Applied some Photoshop effects to a graphic from the Velocity CD. Responsible for graphics and layout.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Building Online Business House Ad

Second page of this scheme. Shot, scanned and tweaked the image of the grabbing hands and abused magazine. Getting the magazine in that state was a fun experience. Can you see the coffee stain on it? :)
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Alphanet Solutions Ad

Full page ad for XCHANGE magazine. This was a fun job. All photos shot from existing materials and models from work and went for a sepia-tone look in Photoshop. Client loved it.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) XCHANGE Magazine Ad

Full page ad for XCHANGE magazine. Transformed stock image to account executive's specifications and had a little fun with the logo. Responsible for graphics and layout.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Easton Telecom Services Ad

This ad for Easton was fun, because I was allowed to put myself in it. The Client wanted a photo of someone listening through a door, but did not have a photo. So I hammed it up and shot myself doing it. :)
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Looking Fit Magazine Cover

A cover I created for Looking Fit magazine. All images except for the money in the background were either scanned or screen captures. This cover idea was re-used for several of our other magazines.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Sounding Board Magazine Cover

Sounding Board premiere issue cover. This effect was achieved by scanning a crumpled paper bag, and the stamped-effect "Sneak Preview" type was done in Illustrator and Photoshop.
  L O G O    D E S I G N  
Click for Larger Image Arizona Veteran's Memorial Coliseum Logo
This is now the official logo for all of the coliseum's functions and corporate identity package. My intent was to combine recognizable features of the coliseum structure with type elements of the AVMC lettering. Shortening AVMC to AC, i combined the lower case letters 'a' and 'c' with an image of the highly recognizable coliseum rooftop. I really like the way this logo turned out.
Click for Larger Image The Phoenix Roadrunners 20th Season Anniversary Logo
This was chosen by the Phoenix Roadrunners as their official 20th season anniversary logo. It has been displayed in many newspaper ads, brochures, television promotions, as well as Roadrunner T-shirts, pins, limited edition hockey pucks and other items. I was overwhelmed to see a giant, 20 foot diameter version of my logo placed beneath the ice of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the largest logo to be positioned 'center ice' in Roadrunners history.
Click for Larger Image Phoenix Roadrunners "More Puck for Your Buck" Logo
Based on a concept by the Phoenix Roadrunners and my employer, this logo was displayed on virtually every Phoenix Roadrunners item related to the purchase of tickets, including billboards, brochures, flyers and television commercials. This is the vertical version - a horizontal logo was used when the vertical logo wouldn't fit spacially.
Click for Larger Image Luggage Alert Logo
A novel idea in traveling security, the Luggage Alert is a product that threads through the zipper eyes of your baggage, forming a temporary lock that makes it difficult to tamper with bags without being detected. I incorporated the function of the product into a logo which was bright, bold, and told "1,000 words".
Click for Larger Image Payson Parks & Recreation Logo
The town of Payson, Arizona, was looking for a new logo to be used for their Parks & Recreation Department. I presented them with several variations of logos similar to this one, their final selection. Currently, the logo is solely used for Parks & Recreation, but has the potential of becoming a city-wide graphic theme.
Click for Larger Image Shadow Mountain Drinking Water Logo
One of my first logo designs. Shadow Mountain is a firm out of Utah that bottles water from their naturally flowing spring high in the Uinta Mountains of Utah.
Click for Larger Image The Summit Church Logo
A freelance job I did for a pastor friend of mine for a church he was starting up. The concept was of a path curving up a mountain towards its 'summit'. Together we came up with the "S" being the path, and then a mountainscape in the background. After designing the logo, I created and maintained their website for several years.
  M I S C E L L A N E O U S  
Click for Larger Image Arizona Mist "System 2000" Box
I worked with John Kerns and Arizona Mist on many of their projects, including Home Depot displays, tear-off pads, and this package design, which was their "top-of-the-line" model.
Click for Larger Image (Resizable) Phoenix Roadrunners Season Ticket Cover
A job that gave me a lot of satisfaction. I was given the assignment to design the 1996-97 Phoenix Roadrunners season tickets, season ticket cover, and walk-up tickets. Using a variety of team player's photos, I created 12 different ticket designs, (Which repeated every two pages) each with a different player. The cover was similar, with ripped-edge photo effects and dropshadows to seperate the different images. It was nice seeing my design every time I went to a Roadrunners game that season.
Click for Larger Image Static Underground's Original Logo and Mouse Pad
Static Underground is a mobile DJ business my friend Chris and I began in 1998. I designed this logo somewhere around 1999-2000 to mimic the "Dyno" tape commonly used on mixing boards and other DJ equipment.