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Tail Color Options

As a default, Easy CoinUps will arrive to you without the Quarter overlay applied

Why, you ask? We have no idea which way you'd like ol' George to face, that's why. A lot of times, mounting the quarter inbetween the coin slots at the top looks best. Other coin doors might look better off to the right. Some coin doors have "open" hinges, and look good with the tail going into the hinge. It's up to you! As a helpful suggestion, notice how the bottom of the tail above aligns with the tiny "D" on the quarter. On the left side, it would align with the bottom of the word "TRUST."

Having said that, if you don't trust yourself to apply the quarter overlay properly, we can apply it for you, just be sure to mention which way you want the tail to face in the Notes section of PayPal checkout. (Tail to the right, to the left, the top, or at the bottom)

Alternative Tail Colors

Alternatively, for $1 extra per Easy CoinUp, we will paint your tail for you with either Satin Black or Metallic Bright Silver paint. (You must select one of the $11 upgrades, or your Easy CoinUps will arrive with the default natural Green/Silver tail...)

Other Colors

If you prefer a color other than our stock colors, you can easily customize your Easy CoinUp tail with Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint. Be sure to cover the electrical pins with something so that they don't get painted and carefully spray the tail with the color of your choice. Be sure to use a paint designed for plastic or you will damage the unit. Pro Tip: Place your non-spraying hand inside a plastic grocery bag, grip the electrical pins with it so that it protects/covers them from paint, and then spraying light coats until desired appearance.

I'd like a different coin on the front of it. ...or my company's name

We can actually do this. Shoot us an email to easycoinup@cox.net and ask about having a custom-printed coin overlay designed. This will have a small design fee, and a minimum quantity requirement.